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The IDEA Academic Partnership program helps post-secondary institutions access the training, resources and technology needed to effectively teach students the data analysis techniques that they can expect to use in their future careers. Program members have access to the IDEA Educational software.

As post-secondary institutions have to compete harder than ever to make their students the cream of the crop, it is crucial that they provide their students with the most valuable courses, training and skill development possible. Accredited colleges and universities that join the IDEA Academic Partnership program are provided free access to the IDEA Data Analysis software. In addition to this, they are also supplied with all the tools and resources to help ensure both students and teachers get the most they can out of using CaseWare IDEA to learn data analysis techniques.

The IDEA Academic Partnership program can help students who plan to become auditors, accountants and other financial professionals gain hands-on experience in learning and using data analytics techniques that in turn will provide them with a highly competitive advantage when it comes time to search for jobs.

IDEA Educational is a fully functional edition of IDEA with the capability to analyze up to 5,000 records. The provided IDEA Educational license key does not expire.

You can register for the IDEA Academic Partnership program by clicking here and selecting the Professor or Student tab depending on your role. Click register and complete the information in the form. Note: Professor registrations are processed by your local CaseWare IDEA Partner. Students need to be invited by the professors to join the IDEA Academic Portal.

IDEA Educational is limited to a maximum of 5,000 records per database and requires a license key for installation.

IDEA is a Windows-based application that does not run natively on a Mac and is not supported on Mac.


However, many students and instructors within the IDEA Academic Partnership have successfully run IDEA Educational on Mac by either using a Windows emulator or a Windows partition. CaseWare IDEA does not test such configurations nor do we provide instructions for creating these alternative platforms.


This may be attempted with IDEA Educational only. Any IDEA edition that requires license activation is not supported on Mac.


The IDEA Educational license does not expire. However, to ensure you are using the most current version of the software for each new course, you should uninstall your current version and install the software again.

If you forgot your password, go to the Login page for the IDEA Academic Portal and click the Forgot my password link. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

You cannot convert IDEA Educational into a licensed edition. Please contact your CWA Partner if you require more information on getting a licensed edition of IDEA.

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